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About Danganronpa Yandere Reader X Lemon. mmm enemies to lovers setup..... i kinda wanna continue this ngl undertale undertale au undertale aus undertale headcanons undertale multiverse utmv headcanon x reader sans mafiafell mafiafell sans fell sans reconsidering the name because he's going to be so easily confused with red.... might change it to crimson. Reader ) Darlin by Raphael-lover on DeviantArt. Sans x shy! suicidal! Reader ) Darlin. You had hated life as a normal person, ready to slip away from all of it. You were going to jump into what you thought was a volcano not a portal to another world. You smiled sadly and jumped kinda awaiting death. About Danganronpa Yandere Reader X Lemon. Archive. Avertissement : Female reader, légèrement spicy. •••. Tu inspires un grand coup, concentrant ton énergie dans tes mains, et envoyant une onde de choc vers Hitoshi. Il se recule, l'évitant de justesse. Son bras était engourdi, et inutilisable. yandere papyrus yandere undertale yandere headcanons yandere monster works monster writes. 46 notes Aug 22nd, 2020. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; ... [Sans] Seems unbothered by anything his darling does, but the moment they're in danger he's the most protective yandere out there. Sans is the most likely to kidnap his darling, though. Yandere blueberry sans x reader lemon. Aug 26, 2016 · Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Reader Yandere X Reader "Thank you for helping me!" (Y/n) (L/n), a chubby girl yet has a large fan base within the school walls. Since I do indeed adore writing for the Warriors of Hope,, I ain’t being creepy about that lmao. com Yandere!Danganronpa x Reader. TIPS! Headcanons are tagged with SERIES: HEADCANONS. Songfics are tagged with SERIES: SONGFIC. Scenarios are tagged with SERIES: SCENARIOS. There are other tags such as SERIES: WHAT IS IT LIKE and. NSFWs are tagged with MODE: NSFW. Other notes or questions are tagged under BRYCE.EXE. If I have missed any tags, please do leave me a message. Welcome to the SANS AUs Wikia. This is the Wikia about all Sans, Wiki made by me, Bizzare XGaming (YOUTUBE)! All pictures are DOWNLOADABLE!. LIST: un INFO. ALL UNDERTALE AU's HAVE AT LEAST 1 SANS CHARACTER, EITHER SEEN OR HEARD!. Stretch: hungover on the couch Android! Y/N: *slaps stretch* Android! Y/N: wake up papyrus! Its me, Y/N ____________________________ Android!Y/N: *slams hand on table* Android!Y/N: 28 STAB WOUNDS! Android! Sans after killing frisk: *nervously sweating* ____________________________ Android!Y/N: *licks blood* UF!. Sans: Crush He's as smooth and butter and cool as a cucumber He knows it's just a crush and thinks it would eventually just fade He's flirty af and sorta just very touchy He'll greet you with a toothy little smooch on the back of your hand every time he sees you. In Love When he's suddenly flustered by your presence, you know he's in deep. reader is oblivious so is sans neither of them is the sharpest pencil in the drawer killing attempts harming attempts all of them backfire Enemies to Friends to Lovers Slow Burn Alternate Universe - Horrortale (Undertale) from reader's perspective at least from Sans' it's a very fast raging fire someone tell him to chill Dark Humor Fluff. Aug 2, 2020 - Read fresh sans x reader from the story au sans x reader lemons by smuttyunderfell238 (SINNER) with 13,685 reads. けものフレンズ minecraft texture pack. Alright so like i said here is the link for the len kagamine x malereader one shot lemon i had written and posted on da but then they decided to delete it. butters x reader bully the manor was dark and gloomy- two things that you absolutely hated during one of the battles, scout manage to kill a spy that was trying to backstab you while you weren't looking but you and hiccup you thought that httyd yandere!dagur x reader oneshot yandere danganronpa x reader one shots on the edge yandere fuyuhiko x. Características, habilidades, curiosidades y otros datos Canon y HeadCanon de El Guardian de los AUs. Aclaraciones: Ink!Sans le pertenece a Myebi/Comyet. Las imágenes NO me pertenecen. Créditos de las imágenes a sus respectivos creadores. Ediciones y traducciones hechas por mi. Portada hecha por mi. Imagen de portada por @A_coco115 (Twitter.

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